High School

At Prince Avenue Christian School, our high school provides a biblically integrated, college preparatory education.

The range of courses and varying levels of academic rigor in the high school are designed to provide a tailored scholastic experience based upon a student’s ability, aptitude, and level of interest in each discipline. Individualized student/parent academic counseling sessions ensures students’ course selection decisions best prepare them for their intended undergraduate field(s) of study.

Traditional college preparatory and honors level courses are offered in all core disciplines including seven Advanced Placement (AP) courses and 14 dual enrollment classes where students earn both high school and college credit through the state’s Dual Enrollment program. As a college preparatory school, we offer more classes in the core content areas than are required to graduate, and students have the choice of taking two to four years of foreign language instruction in Spanish. Students must also complete four years of Biblical studies and a speech class as prerequisites for graduation.

To ensure adherence with our school’s mission statement, co-curricular instruction in the high school is an integral component to each student’s educational experience. Our well-staffed Fine Arts department provides teaching and instruction in a number of courses that include: performing arts, chorus, drama, visual arts, advanced band, praise band, and jazz band. Recognizing the importance of maintaining a sound mind in a sound body, all students are required to complete one year of Health and Physical Education with the option of taking yearlong Strength and Conditioning classes in our newly constructed weight training facility.

Additional opportunities to earn Carnegie Units towards graduation include engaging electives such as our Barnabas Program, which pairs select high school students with lower school students for mentoring purposes which you can read about HERE in the Spiritual Development portion of our website.

The high school faculty is a cohesive, dedicated group of professional educators committed to reaching teenagers for Christ while providing them with a solid, college preparatory education. Please take a moment to review our course offerings, and feel free to call or e-mail me with any questions regarding academic programs or policies.

In His service,

Jesse Owens

High School Principal