College Application Process

Transcript Request Process

To request that a transcript be sent to a college, fill out a "Transcript Request Form.” Forms are located in main and upper school offices or can be accessed here.

>> Click Here to Download the Transcript Request Form.

Be sure to include correct address of college/organization and include any special instructions that the college requires (mail transcript AND senior schedule, mail transcript AND fill out a Counselor Evaluation Form, et cetera).

Submit your Transcript Request Form to main or upper school office. The guidance office will send the transcript request and any additional forms you desire to the college(s) of your choice. Colleges have different preferences on how they want to receive transcripts and documents. If the college you are applying to has specific directions note that in your instructions to the guidance office. If you include an email address, you will receive a confirmation email notifying you that the transcript has been sent.

Financial Aid

Financial aid consists of any funding intended to help students pay for post-secondary education expenses in the form of grants, loans, work study or scholarships

Sources of funding:

Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA)

Zell Miller Scholarship

HOPE (Helping Outstanding Pupils Educationally)

How to apply for HOPE/ZELL?

Institutional Scholarships

Private Scholarships: