Tuition & Fees

Tuition and Fees 2019 - 2020 (PDF)
Tuition and Fees 2018 - 2019 (PDF)
Incidental Fees 2018-2019 (PDF)


FACTS Management Information

Tuition and fees are managed by FACTS who partners with Prince Avenue Christian School to offer convenient online access to establish payment plans, review charges, and make payments.


Contact FACTS 

Contact FACTS

To speak with a FACTS Customer Care Representative, call 1(866)441-4637

Payments by check can be made payable to FACTS and mailed to:  

P.O. Box 82527
Lincoln, NE  68501-2527


NOTE:  Please include a copy of your invoice so your payment can be posted accurately.

FACTS Management Fee 

FACTS charges an annual fee per family to administer tuition payments

  • A one-time $20 payment is required for tuition that is paid as a lump-sum or in two installments.
  • A one-time $50 payment is required for tuition that is paid via a monthly payment plan.

FACTS Tuition Payment Plan Options 

Annual tuition can be paid either by lump sum in advance (full amount due by June 15th) or by a monthly payment plan over 12 months with the first payment due on June 15th and the final payment due on May 15th.     FACTS also provides the option to have the due dates on the 1st of each month rather than the 15th for those who may prefer this timing.

If a student is accepted after the normal 12-month payment cycle has begun, the monthly payments will be calculated from the date of acceptance thru to the final payment in May.

FACTS Incidental Charges (Lunch, Store, Athletics, etc.) 

In an effort to keep general tuition for all students at an affordable rate, those students who elect to participate in co-curricular activities and use auxiliary services will be assessed incidental fees that are necessary in order to cover the costs of administering each optional activity. In addition, services or items that are provided as an “add-on” (examples: field trips, t-shirts, supply fees, graduation fees, technology fees for high school, etc.) will be charged on a student’s FACTS account as an incidental fee.  A listing of incidental fees is available by grade at

Incidental charges will be applied to your student’s FACTS account as incurred and a combined invoice will be emailed on the 5th day of each month.  Payment is due on the first day of the following month unless this is a holiday or weekend, in which payment will be due the next business day

FACTS Incidental Payment Options

  • Enroll in Auto-Pay  (Preferred)  -  Using this option, you will have the same window of opportunity to review invoices before they are due as with the non-auto enroll option.  On the due date, the payment will automatically be either withdrawn from your linked bank account or charged to your credit card (a 2.85% service fee is added)
  • Make Individual Payments  -  For each payment due date, you must make a manual payment (either by contacting FACTS via phone or by agreeing to the payment online).


Withdrawal Information

Early Withdrawal

Initial acceptance and re-enrollment contracts with Prince Avenue Christian School represent a binding agreement between a family and the school for the contract period, which is one school year. Because teachers contracts, school services, and curriculum and supplies are funded and purchased at the beginning of each school year based upon student enrollment, honoring the one year contract period is necessary to ensure the school delivers the services agreed upon after students are enrolled.  Exceptions to this contract commitment include:


  • Withdrawal following re-enrollment prior to the first day of school: If a family withdraws a student after completing re-enrollment but BEFORE the first day of school, the family will forfeit the non-refundable re-enrollment fee and be assessed a $300 withdrawal fee per student. Upon paying the withdrawal fee and settling all other financial balances, the family will be released from the tuition contract for the upcoming school year.


  • Withdrawal following the first day of school: Prorated tuition for early withdrawal is the exception, and any family who desires to withdraw their student prior to the end of the school year is expected to honor the financial commitment for the one year contract period. Exceptions are handled on a case by case basis, and any requests for prorated tuition must be made in writing to the Head of School. In cases where prorated tuition is awarded, families will be charged a withdrawal fee of $500 per student.



Contact the PACS Business Office

Please send email correspondence to   
This email is monitored by several staff members so, in the event of an absence, your email should still reach someone who can assist you.

Prefer to speak with a Prince Avenue employee by phone?

Jan Jernigan (678)726-2308  (posting payments to FACTS)
Ashley Young (678)726-2311 (payment plan changes)
Linda Lavender (678)726-2312 (incidental charges and general questions)