Wolverine Booster Club

Booster Club Registration

The PACS Wolverine Booster Club was started with the idea of supporting each of the athletic programs at Prince. The support is given through volunteer time and financial support. The club works very closely with the Athletic Director to identify the specific needs for each sport.

During the past years, the Booster Club has provided funds for many of the school's sports programs. The continued success of the Booster Club depends on the support of all of our PACS Families through membership, volunteers and participation in the fundraising events.

Funds raised by the Booster Club help provide our coaches and athletes with additional equipment, facilities, and travel costs.

The Booster Club holds three meetings during the course of the school year in order to keep everyone up to date on our progress. In addition, we would welcome comments and new ideas at each meeting.

We are very excited about the Wolverine athletics and encourage everyone to join and support the PACS Wolverine Booster Club.  Signing up for a Booster Club Membership is easy and can be done online by clicking on the link at the top of this page.

We appreciate all of your past contributions and involvement and look forward to seeing each of you this year supporting our great school.