Moodle & Renweb


Moodle is the school’s learning management system.  All teachers in grades 6-12 post various material and assignments on Moodle for students.  Notes, study guides, links to study aides such as videos and websites are all located in one location for students to have easy access.  All students in grades 6-12 are assigned Moodle Credentials when they begin classes.  Students can access Moodle on computers by;

  1. Going to and clicking the login link in the upper right hand corner.
  2. Their username is their entire school email address.
  3. Their password should be given to them by their teacher.

If a student has forgotten their password, but has access to their school email, they can use the Lost Password link to have it reset.


Renweb is Prince Avenue’s student information system.  Each member of each family can have unique credentials to have access to information such as grades, homework assignments and report cards through Parents Web.  Parents will have access to all students in their family.  A student account will have access to their information only.

To setup a parent account,

  1. Go to
  2. Click the Create new ParentsWeb Account link
  3. Enter the school code (PACS-GA) 
  4. Enter your email address that was entered in your school application process and then click Create Account
  5. A password will be generated and sent to you via email. Then you will be able to login with that email address and password.

High School Student accounts are setup by the school.  Student login credentials are given to them when they begin classes.