“…the arts are a beautiful gift from God; and in the process of creation lies the joy of God’s creative heartbeat.”
- Mako Fujimura

The vision of Fine Arts at Prince Avenue Christian School is to release the creativity within each student, and to use that creativity to glorify God. Our goal is to provide the fine arts staff and volunteers with the necessary equipment and resources to achieve this God-inspired vision. The arts foster critical thinking and stimulate imagination while addressing different learning styles- visual, auditory, and kinesthetic. Students are exposed to other languages and cultures both past and present. All fine arts activities and programs enrich the educational, spiritual, and cultural lives of our students as well as increase the sense of community and teamwork.

We invite all of our students to share the vision and become involved in the arts.

To God Alone Be the Glory.


>> Click Here to Download the Fine Arts Handbook

LaMurl Morris

Director of Fine Arts