Georgia Tuition Tax Credit

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Georgia Private School Tax Credit Program

Prince Avenue Christian School is pleased to participate in The Georgia Private School Tax Credit Program.  This opportunity allows Georgia residents and C-Corporations to redirect a portion of their Georgia tax liability to a Student Scholarship Organization (SSO) in support of the financial aid program at a private school of their choice.  Participants receive a dollar-for-dollar tax credit on their state income taxes and a charitable deduction on their federal return. 

Prince Avenue Christian School partners with Apogee Scholarship Fund, a state approved Student Scholarship Organization (SSO), to enable the Prince Avenue community to participate in the Georgia Private School Tax Credit program.

The 2017 Georgia Private School Tax Credit program is complete.  Your next opportunity to participate in this program will begin in August 2018.

How to Participate in the Tax Credit Program

Paperless – It’s fast and easy!

1.  Click Here to complete the electronic form.
2.  No signature is required.

Printed forms to mail or fax

1.  Click Here to print the form.
2.  Mail or fax the completed form to Apogee at:

              Apogee Scholarship Fund
              3330 Cumberland Blvd Suite 400
              Atlanta, GA  30339
              Fax:       404-419-7101

When Do I Fund My Credit?

Pre-register in August of 2018 and pay in the spring of 2019.  Apogee will remain in touch with you throughout the process and notify you by email (or letter if an email address is not provided) when your tax credit application has been approved.  In order to finalize your participation, Apogee must receive your payment within 60 days of the state’s approval either by mail to the Apogee address above or online with a credit card.  Checks should be made to the Apogee Scholarship Fund.

The State has 30 days to approve your credit and notify you.  You will have 60 days after you receive approval to fund your credit.  Payment will be due in February/March of 2019.

Apogee Scholarship Fund 

By redirecting a portion of your Georgia state tax liability to the Apogee Scholarship Fund, you will receive a dollar-for-dollar tax credit that Prince Avenue uses to provide need-based financial aid to deserving students moving from public schools or entering Prince Avenue Christian School in Pre-K, Kindergarten, or first grade.  You will also receive a charitable deduction on your federal tax return. 

Prince Avenue Christian School Financial Aid

Funds received from the Georgia Private School Tax Credit program are made available to qualified applicants in the school’s existing financial aid program.

Georgia Department of Education

In 2008, the Georgia General Assembly passed House Bill 1133, which provides individual and corporate taxpayers in the state of Georgia with the opportunity to redirect a portion of their state tax liability to qualified student scholarship organizations (SSO).  This program supports financial aid programs at a private school of a taxpayer’s choice. 


Contribution Limits Based on Filing Status:
Individual – up to $1,000
Married Filing Jointly – up to $2,500
Married Filing Separately – up to $1,250 each
Pass through income from S-Corps, LLCs and Partnerships – up to $10,000
C-Corps and Trusts – up to 75% of GA tax liability  

Your participation in the Georgia Private School Tax Credit program is not considered a donation to Prince Avenue Christian School but rather a redirection of tax liability already owed to the state of Georgia.  We hope you will continue to support the Annual Fund to help the school meet its other financial operating needs. 

If you have any questions, please contact Kim Brannon at 678-726-2314 or