Online Application

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Admissions Process

Our online application makes applying for school as simple as possible.  This process allows you to apply for more than one student at a time.  Please note, however, that supplemental forms must be submitted for each child as appropriate for their grade level.

Step 1 – Complete the Online Application and Pay Application Fee

To Complete the Online Application:

To Reopen an Online Application You Already Started but Did Not Complete:

Submit your $245 non-refundable Application Fee online by credit or debit card.  (If you wish to pay by check or cash at the school office, you must contact the Admissions Office before completing the online application process.) 

International Students Only:  All students who desire to attend Prince Avenue Christian School on an I-20 must pay an additional I-20 fee of $245 directly to the Admissions Office.  This fee cannot be paid online.

Step 2 – Forms Required by the Admissions Office

The recommendation forms are all available to download on our website. Submit the recommendation forms and School Information Form (if applicable) to the current school and church the student is attending.  They will submit the forms to Prince Avenue Christian School. 

Pre-K (Must be 4 years old on or before September 1)

Kindergarten (Must be 5 years old on or before September 1)

1st – 5th grade (Must be 6 years old on or before September 1)  

6th – 12th grades

Step 3 – Testing

The Admissions Office will call or email you to set up testing for your student(s).

Step 4 – Interview

The Admissions Office will call or email you to set up an interview with the administration. Parents, guardians, and 6th – 12th grade students are required to attend.

Step 5 – Acceptance

After the interview, an email will be sent to you regarding your acceptance status.

Admissions Status Tracking

After your Online Application has been submitted, you may log back into the system at any time to:

Prince Avenue Christian School Avenue Christian School (PACS) does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, birth gender, ethnic origin or age in its employment or admissions.

Admissions Director, Victoria Carter    •    678-726-2305