March 20, 2018

Crawford and Sewell, Honorary Members of U.S. Army Band and Soldier’s Chorus

Two Prince Avenue Christian School Fine Arts students were honored last weekend when they performed with the United States Army Field Band and Soldier’s Chorus.

Senior Sydney Crawford and sophomore Thompson Sewell were two of the 14 students from the metropolitan Atlanta area who were selected as honorary members of the U.S. Army Band and Soldier’s Chorus.

This premier military ensemble based in Washington D.C. is on its 2018 national tour and is performing throughout the southeastern United States. At each location on the tour, they invite select high school musicians to perform with them.

Sydney and Thompson performed “America The Beautiful” with the band and chorus in front of over 5000 people in the Atlanta audience.  After the performance, Sydney and Thompson were presented with a certificate proclaiming them to be honorary members of the U.S. Army Band and Army “dog tags” to commemorate the event.


Sydney Crawford                                                                  Thompson Sewell